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Ausangate Socks, just in time for the Alpaca-lypse!

An army may march on its stomach, but the rest of us hike on our feet, so having a great pair of socks makes life a lot easier.  Ausangate socks are premier outdoor socks made from Alpaca fiber, which is claimed to be a superior material for outdoor wear.

Alpaca fiber and wool socks are clearly superior to cotton socks.  Cotton absorbs water, Alpaca Fiber for the Alpaca-Lypse!which collapses the fiber and destroying the insulation value of the fabric.  This is part of the reason why seasoned outdoorsmen refer to cotton as “Death Cloth.”  Besides that, the trapped moisture promotes blisters, infections, microbial growth and smell. 

Because of the detriments to cotton, I know many people who swear by wool.  So the real question becomes, “What are the benefits of Alpaca fiber over wool?”  In other words, why should we go for alpaca fiber socks over the tried and true wool?  The Ausangate Socks website lists several ways that alpaca fiber is superior to wool, to wit:

·         Wicks away moisture better

·         Has higher anti-microbial properties

·         Has higher thermal insulation

·         Has higher tensile strength

·         Has a smooth hair shaft that feels more comfortable

So we have a product which claims to have all the benefits of wool, plus more comfortable, warmer, stronger and less prone to smell.  The only thing left to do is to verify these claims!

Feels great, even when wet!Pulling on a pair of these socks feels pretty great.  They really do feel wonderful, not itchy or irritating at all, just soft and warm.  I wore the hiking pair around a walkabout through the woods and my feet felt happy the whole time.  After I took off my boots, I accidentally walked through some spilled water while wearing the socks, but didn’t realize it until I took the socks off a little later.  There was definitely some moisture in the socks, but I didn’t feel it at all when I was wearing them. 

With these socks on hand (on foot?), I’m getting pretty excited for hiking season to start!