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Review of the EZFit Snow Auto-adaptable Insoles

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I am always looking for ways to add even a little extra warmth to my boots because, living in Montana, I end up tromping through a lot of snow in the winter.  In addition to insulated boots and a variety of socks, I have tried several different shoe inserts that promised to add extra warmth.  Most have failed to improve conditions inside my boots, and some have even fallen apart after just brief use.  So I was very pleased to come across the EZ-Fit Snow insoles from MasterFit.

These insoles were originally designed for putting into snowboard and ski boots.  They claim an “auto-adaptable Wear-n-Form Technology” that allows them to conform to the shape of your foot and footwear as you wear them.  They also feature a layer of aluminum in the forefoot area which acts as a radiant heat reflector, redirecting escaping heat back to the foot.

While not as awesome as putting on socks fresh out of the dryer, the insoles definitely increased the warmth of my feet, especially around the toes.  It’s probably only a difference of a few degrees, but added to the insulated boots and socks, it’s definitely a welcome supplement.  Any little edge in sub-freezing weather is appreciated in my neck of the woods!  On top of that, these insoles are very durable, and look like they may very well hold up longer than my boots.

Though I got these insoles to test the added warmth benefit, I was very happy with how well they fit and how comfortable they were to have in my boots.  (I was actually surprised at how comfortable they are, considering how thin they are.)Better still, the longer I wear them, the more comfortable they have become (remember the “auto-adaptable” thing above?).  They are very lightweight and have several features that really add to the comfort, such as a special pad on the heel to absorb shock.

All in all, I think the EZ-Fit Snow Insoles definitely have a place in my winter arsenal (right inside my boots)!

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the EZ Fit Snow Insoles for free from MasterFit as coordinated by Deep Creek PR an Outdoor Industry Public Relations Company.