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Review of the IceMule Pro - A "cooler" backpack

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The other day, I had a person ask me, “How can I take items into the woods that need to stay cool?”  Lugging a large cooler along a narrow dirt path certainly doesn’t sound appealing.So when I came across the IceMule Pro, I knew I had to try one out.

IceMule Pro

What is an IceMule?” you may ask.  Essentially, it is designed to be a high-performance soft cooler crossed with a backpack.  This makes it very portable for your outdoor needs, but still keeps the chill on items that just are not allowed to get warm.  Additionally, because the IceMule’s design is pulled from the dry bag concept, there’s no leaking.

When I first pulled the IceMule Pro out of the bag, I was impressed with how durable it felt.  It has a very thick shell to prevent tears and rips.  The IceMule also utilizes welded seams to prevent leaks.  I also liked how the company placed webbing on the front, so that you can carry along extra items that don’t need to chill.

In between the shell layers there is sandwiched some open cell foam, which provides the insulation value for the interior. There is also a little port on the side that allows you to control the amount of air in the foam, so you can increase the insulation value when you’re toting your stuff, but allows you to exhale the air to roll up the IceMule for storage.

IceMule Pro - Insulation testIn running a little experiment to see how well the insulation worked, I got two bags of ice from the grocery store.  I put one in the IceMule, and the other just in a bucket.  After about a day, the ice in the bucket had melted, but the ice in the IceMule was only a little over halfway gone.  It lasted about another ½ day before it had completely melted.

The shoulder straps were much better quality than I was expecting.  (Not enough to replace my 50-miler bag, but good enough to tote some ice and fish home from a successful outing!)

All in all, this is a pretty neat idea that could really help out some people who would like to head out into the woods, but have sensitive goods that need to be kept cold, whether it’s soft drinks, fresh food, or medical supplies.

"Disclosure of Material Connection: I received “IceMule Pro" for free from IceMule Cooler Company as coordinated by Deep Creek Public Relations in consideration for review publication."