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Apparel, Shelter and Fire

As anyone really experienced in survival techniques can tell you, being dressed for the weather and knowing how to prepare a shelter and/or build a fire are the first steps in staying alive. In adverse weather conditions, exposure to the elements can kill you within a few hours.

Chances are you don't want to pack your deluxe tent and bulky sleeping bag every time you go enjoy the great outdoors, yet whenever you go adventuring you run the risk of finding yourself in an unexpected survival situation. We carry an assortment of products that will assist you in keeping the elements at bay with minimum effort. 

As far as fire building goes, we want you to be extra prepared. Don't rely only on one firestarting method. It doen't take much extra space to bring more than one method of fire starting, and we have many effective tools to ignite your fire and keep you warm even in more adverse weather conditions.