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First Aid/Trauma kits

One thing that seems to be problematic with preassembled first aid kits is that they consist of so many cheap plastic band-aids. In a typical 100 piece first aid kit, 50 of the pieces are band-aids of various shapes and sizes. Why? You can make any size or shape bandage that you like with scissors, gauze and tape, which are also usually included in these kits.

A lot of these kits were also lacking in some of the serious treatments for outdoor accidents. It's hardly an emergency if someone scrapes their thumb and doesn't have a band-aid to cover it with (especially with Silver Soft; one application can disinfect for up to three hours). But what about severe burns? What about arterial bleeding? What about blisters so bad that you can't walk? All of these can be potentially life-threatening and many kits don't have room for the items necessary to treat those problems because HALF THE KIT IS STUFFED WITH ALL THE REPETITIVE BAND-AIDS!

So what we decided to do was strip out all the repetitive fluff and address the situations that very often kill people in the outdoors. Our kits are thoughtfully designed with the help of medical professionals to provide you with what you really need.

In addition, we list replacement first aid items for you to restock you kit after use, or to upgrade a kit you already have.

All of the products featured here are effective, yet lightweight and compact, easy to bring with you wherever you go, so that you have it whenever you need it.