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PreparaCord(TM) - Emergency Rope on Demand!

We are happy to provide you with our own improved version of the paracord survival accessory concept, created with our own hands and well tested. These items were intended to be "Emergency Rope on Demand", coming apart quickly into a length of emergency rope when you need it the most!


1. What is paracord (also called parachute cord)? Do you use real paracord?

Paracord is a versatile and strong (550 lb. test) nylon cord used by our Armed Forces. We ONLY use genuine, US military grade, 7-strand Kernmantle style 550 cord conforming to MIL-C-5040 that we get directly from Gladding, an authorized Government Contractor; this stuff is the REAL DEAL! We don't accept imitations and neither should you!

(Click here for a quick and dirty list of emergency uses for paracord in the field.)

2.  What makes your products special?

Our PreparaCord survival products are designed to easily unravel within seconds when you need to use the cord, but are secure enough that they will NOT come apart before you want them to!  

3Well, that's great, but then I don’t have a belt/bracelet/rifle sling anymore! I paid good money for that thing!

If your PreparaCord item is taken apart for ANY reason, send us the remains and we will reweave or replace it for 1/2 price, no questions asked. If you use it in an actual survival/emergency situation, and we can use your story as a testimonial, we'll replace it for FREE!