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Electro-Bites are mighty nice!

pic-for-review.jpgAll I can say about this product is, “Wow! Someone was thinking!”  Electro-Bites by Fuel100 is probably one of the best ideas I’ve ever seen for endurance athletes and outdoorsman alike. These will definitely have a place in my pack from now on.

What they are is, essentially, little crunchy balls of potato starch, coconut oil, agave syrup and electrolyte ingredients. The idea is that when you start flagging during physical activity, you pop the little crunchies in your mouth, chew ‘em up and wash ‘em down with water and BAM! You’ve got a small boost of calories and electrolytes to help push you along. Electro-Bites were originally formulated for ultra-runners, but are pretty useful for anyone who engages in serious physical exertion and could benefit from replacing calories and certain minerals and vitamins. (I just have to say that I love the company slogan, “Your next mile is on us!”)

I tried these out while hiking through the mountains around Dillon, Montana. I knew my hiking partner can be hard to keep up with sometimes, so I thought these little crunchies would definitely be put to the test. Every time I started feeling a little run down, I popped a packet in my mouth. They tasted good and I felt revitalized shortly thereafter. We put in between 10 and 13 miles that day, up and down slopes and bushwhacking though fallen timber and brushy forest. We did break for a brief lunch, as well, but a package of Electro-Bites in the morning and one in the afternoon definitely helped to keep me going.

salty-vanilla-thumnail-large.pngThe thing I like the most about these is that I don’t have to mix them with water first. I like to use a hydration bladder, and I have an in-line filter for long trips through the woods. It’s not really a compatible set up with most electrolyte drink mixes, so I’ve previously had to pack an extra bottle to mix an electrolyte drink in, which is kind of a pain. With Electro-Bites, I just chew them up and wash them down with the water from my pack, and it takes care of the mixing on the way down my gullet, which I think is pretty convenient.

I’m planning on taking my son on his first 50-mile hike next summer, and you can bet we’ll both be packing these awesome little crunchies!



Disclosure of Material Connection: I received Electro-Bites for free from Fuel100 as coordinated by Deep Creek PR an Outdoor Industry Public Relations Company.