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Grand Trunk Double Hammock Review

dh-03-main.jpgIn honor of National Hammock Day (July 24th), I tried out the Grand Trunk Double Hammock. I really love hammock camping, and I thought that sharing a double hammock with a (close!) friend on a campout might be a great way to save on shelter weight, and maybe even stay a little warmer.

After receiving the hammock, I have to say I was very impressed by the quality. The Double Hammock is very sturdy, with heavy-duty nylon fabric, triple stitched seams, and two hefty nautical-grade carabiners. Even with all that, the Double Hammock is still only 20 ounces, which makes it a nice lightweight sleeping option.

hangguide-1-5.jpgI really liked how easy it was to set up the hammock. Grand Trunk included two ropes that wrap right around some trees, with knots tied at various intervals for you to hook the carabiners into. If you need to adjust the tension, it’s easy enough to tie a knot in the right place for the carabiner. Grand Trunk also included some pretty easy to follow instructions.

Family chillin' in the Grand Trunk Double Hammock!

Grand Trunk lists the capacity as 400 pounds. This is just perfect for a family relaxing together! The Double Hammock is pretty roomy, being about ten and a half feet long and about six and a half feet wide when stretched out. However, despite the capaciousness of the Double Hammock, people will still find themselves snuggling. This is simply because of the pesky laws of physics, which cause people to slide together in the middle of the hammock. Still, as long as you don’t find the other person objectionable, this is can lead to a very pleasant and relaxing afternoon.

Alas, the same scientific principle that causes the cuddles also makes it perhaps a little too cozy for a pair of would-be-sleepers, which would result in a lack of sleep for at least one of them. Even as petite as my wife is, I can’t imagine spending a whole night in the hammock with her, as there would be a constant shifting to prevent the blood flow to my arm from being cut off.

dsc04139.jpg However, even though my dreams of using this as a double sleeping shelter have been crushed, this hammock still has great potential for the single sleeper. There is more than enough room for a single person to sleep comfortably, with enough material extra on the sides to draw over top of you. This is beneficial for some mild, but noticeable heat retention, and some insect deterrence. And if you need better performance than that, Grand Trunk also sells some pretty cool accessories for their hammocks, including a rain fly, insect netting, and even (this just in!) a sleeping bag that goes around the outside of the hammock (apparently good down to 32 degrees)! These accessories easily allow you to upgrade this hammock for some serious deep woods use.


The Double Hammock also makes a lightweight and easy-to-set-up lounge chair when you’re on the trail! It makes for a nice break from squatting on low stumps and logs, and you don’t need to worry about snagging your pants on a sharp stick or rock. I also found out the extra fabric on the sides works really good as a head rest when you’re relaxing at the end of the day!

All in all, this is a great addition to my outdoor gear stash and a great hit with the whole family. Thanks, Grand Trunk!dsc04130.jpg

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the Double Hammock for free from Grand Trunk as coordinated by Deep Creek PR, an Outdoor Industry Public Relations Company, in consideration for review publication.