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Haeleum Darian - Mossy Oak Camo Long Sleeve Shirt with Insect Repellant

dsc00166.jpgBeing the outdoorsy type, nothing grabs my attention more than claims of repelling ticks and adding comfort to my clothing. Looking at the claims of the Haeleum Darian, I felt my inner hunter drooling with desire for a chance to try it out.

The Darian boasts “Insect Shield Technology,” claiming 1) to repel ticks, mosquitoes and other nastys, 2) to do so without a scent that might alarm wildlife and 3) to last for 70 washings. (As an aside, 70 washings is apparently considered the normal life of a garment; I haven’t been counting, but I think I may be one of those old weirdos who wears his clothes far past the appropriate time.) Unfortunately, it’s the wrong time of year for me to be testing the level of insect protection, but I’ll try to remember to write an update this coming Spring.

dsc00168.jpgHaeleum also states that this shirt has an antimicrobial finish to reduce the reek of people exercising, UV protections (both A and B), moisture wicking and a snazzy Mossy Oak Obsession pattern (I can confirm the last one positively). I also like that the body is longer, so that the back doesn’t pull out when I bend over. This is important to me, because if this shirt did pull out, it would open a hole in the defenses! Finally, I have to say that this shirt is possibly the most comfortable that I now own and adds a lot more warmth than you would think from just looking at it.

dsc00163.jpgI have very few criticisms about the Darian. The sleeves did seem a little short to me, but that could just be me. I don’t really have disproportionally long arms, but I felt as though my wrists were more exposed than normal for a long sleeve shirt. I suppose this wouldn’t be a problem if this was simply worn as a wicking base later, but then the camo and insect repellant are on the inside of your clothes instead of the outside. Also, the Darian is listed as having improved snag resistance, but I snagged a sleeve within 10 minutes of putting it on for the first time. I guess this might not mean anything, seeing as thought the operative words are “improved” and “resistance,” but it’s made me a little apprehensive about wearing it out in the snag-filled forest. Other than these few minor things, I thought the shirt was very worth having.

I look forward to using the Haeleum Darian when mosquito season hits. Until then, take care out there!