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Hanging Right with Rallt Camping Hammock

I can say definitively that I am a big fan of hammocks. To me, nothing beats the feeling of lying down after a long hike in the outdoors without sharp rock between the shoulders or a stick poking you in the butt. I’ve tested quite a few and now I’m going to see how a Rallt Double Camping Hammock stacks up.

Hanging Right with a Rallt Hammock

The Rallt seems pretty baseline as far as modern hammocks go. They’re made out of a very sturdy 70D rip stop nylon material, gathered together at each end with cord and aluminum carabiners. The seams were triple-stitched and their website states that the carabiners are rated to 2,248 lbs, so it can handle a full-size adult (or two!) with ease. The double hammock I received weighs 18.7 oz.

The double hammock has extra sections of material on the sides for a little extra space. If you need more space because you’re a bigger person, this is a pretty good move, but some people tend to think it also works if you want to share the hammock with someone else. In reality, I find that the extra sections don’t really enable multiple people to lounge for long periods of time (let alone sleep!) without one person or the other getting uncomfortable (though it’s still better than sitting by yourself on the ground). But the extra sections are good even if you’re a smaller person by yourself, as you can fold them over while you’re sleeping, which provides a little extra warmth and a slight amount of bug deterrence.

Really neat Rallt Hammock StrapIn perusing Rallt’s website, there weren’t a lot of extra accessories, but they did have some pretty neat Hammock Straps. The two 10’ long straps (with their stuff sack) are 11.8 oz and they are “made of 3/4-inch non-stretch polyester tubular webbing, with 18 carabiner loops (36 combined), and reflective tracers.” The straps are tested to over 1,200 lbs, though they only recommend up to 500 lbs. Rallt also states that the straps are compatible with all hammocks.

I like these straps for a couple of reasons: first, when you attach the strap to the tree, it stays put, so you can more easily attach your hammock to it. Second, the straps can adjust easily to accommodate even extremely large trees. And third, it’s very easy to adjust the hammock between the trees, which means less set up time and/or a better night’s sleep.

So, strangely, while I like the hammock just fine, the real treat in my mind is the great straps that Rallt came up with and sells as an accessory.