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Lace Lockers - Think of them as trip prevention insurance

Lace LockersTired of having to choose between having your laces come loose or looking like a preschooler when you double-knot your laces? If so, read on. While not something I would normally seek out to test, the Lace Lockers are definitely a unique and innovative item.

The Lace Locker is a pretty simple item, consisting of a couple of strips of Velcro. One set of Velcro holds the device to your shoes, the other encloses the laces after they’ve been tied. This keeps the laces from working themselves loose, being stepped on or snagged. This in turn keeps you from tripping on them, ripping part of your shoe or (*gasp*) having to take time to retie your shoe laces.

Lace Lockers openWhen I first looked at these, I was impressed by the ingenuity, but doubted how useful this would be in a normal person’s life. I mean, they seem pretty useful for people who have trouble keeping their shoes tied, such as the young, disabled or stupid (insert your own political joke here). But most people seem like they can find other solutions.

My personal solution to laces coming undone is simply to wrap one lace an extra time around the other (the Surgeon’s Knot rather than the Square Knot, for those in the know). This extra wrap takes not more than a second, and greatly reduces the odds of my shoes coming untied. It’s extremely easy, effective and, best of all, free. However, my personal solution isn’t for everyone. Some people may have trouble relearning how to tie their shoes, especially young children. Additionally, there is still a chance that a lace can still be stepped on or snagged, which could pull the laces out.

However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that there are times when the Lace Locker could provide a benefit to me, such as during sports or while bushwhacking through the woods. These are times when I definitely don’t want to trip over my own laces, and stopping to re-tie my laces is kind of a pain. (My daughter was actually very happy to get her own pair of Lace Lockers for her gym shoes.)

The only downsides I could think of for the Lace Lockers are the following: first, the Lace Lockers do take more time to use than just tying your shoes, so you should consider if you’ll actually save time (such as if you are heading through airport security and you’ll need to remove your shoes and get them back on in a hurry; although that’s the only example I can think of off the top of my head). Second, they are not exactly fashionable (although they have numerous color options). However, neither of these downsides are things that will keep me from using them when needed.

After deliberation, I’ve decided that the Lace Lockers do have a (limited) place in my life. While for the most part I’ll stick with the ol’ Surgeon’s Knot for my walking and dress shoes, I will definitely be using a pair each on hiking boots and athletic shoes for the whole family.

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