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Lever Gear ToolCard - Be a card-carrying member of the club!

Is it small, or do I just have big hands?It’s always handy to have a bag full of tools along with you, just in case. Unfortunately, that isn’t always possible. Even a pocketful can be cumbersome. That’s probably why so many companies have tried their hand at perfecting the “credit card tool.” Whether or not the Lever Gear ToolCard 1.0 has finally accomplished that feat is a matter of opinion, but you have to admit they sure gave it a good shot!

One of the great things about the Lever Gear ToolCard is how many uses they’ve packed into it. They have at least 40 tools listed, and the actual uses can expand beyond that with some imagination. I’ll start with the wrench functions, since that seems to be a predominant use for this tool.

The notches and holes can accommodate from ¼ inch to 9/16 inch bolts and nuts (SAE) or 5mm to 15mm (metric) (note that the ¼” hole can also be used as a hex bit holder). One thing I really like about the wrench function is that they have an open-ended wrench, so you get to the bolt/nut from the side, instead of having to slip the hole over the top. When I tried to use the wrenches, I was actually surprised at how many bolts/nuts are recessed, which makes them hard (or impossible) to access with this tool. However, for the bolts/nuts that are accessible, this little tool worked very well. It’s definitely strong enough to handle the pressure needed to loosen or tight a bolt/nut.

Credit card sizedThin enough to slide into your walletEach of the corners sports a handy tool, such as a Phillips and standard screwdriver (always handy, of course), a pry bar and a “box opener.” I didn’t really have high hopes for the box opener, but it tore through cardboard well enough, so I suppose it is adequately suited for the task. The pry bar (not having a lot of depth) is only suited for a certain number of circumstances; however, the most important of these makes it well worth having, and that is as an alternative to using your pocket knife. Now, rather than thinking, “I really shouldn’t use my knife for this, but I don’t have an alternative,” you can think, “I really shouldn’t use my knife for this, I’ll just grab that handy little tool in my wallet!” (Don’t ask how many times I’ve had this particular internal dialogue.)

Just a little ways down the road from the box opener is the can opener/cord cutter. I had some trouble cutting through the kernmantle of the paracord pieces I tested this on. I found it worked much better if the paracord was taut (tied to something, held by another person, etc.). However, the internal strings cut very easily, and the cutter was definitely sharp enough to cut lesser rope. (I also saw it being used to sharpen a pencil, which I thought was very clever.) I was super impressed with the can opener function! This little thing sailed through the lid of a can of green beans faster than my little military keychain can opener.

It slices, it dices!The geometry functions (protractor, circle template, speed square) are such that I really don’t see myself using on this scale but they might as well be on there, just in case, especially since they don’t take up any more room. Ditto with the rulers, bottle opener and money clip.

Some of the other tool cards try to pack on a knife or saw, but I’m really glad this tool didn’t, because I really think people are more likely to hurt themselves than accomplish anything useful with those tiny and awkward cutting edges.

In summation, the ToolCard has a broad set of tools that will appeal to plenty of different people. I don’t doubt that, like me, a person who carries it around will keep finding great uses for it.



Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the ToolCard 1.0 for free from Lever Gear as coordinated by Deep Creek PR an Outdoor Industry Public Relations Company in consideration for review publication.