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A Brief History of SurvivorGeek, LLC

SurvivorGeek, LLC is a small, family-owned business, high up in the Rocky Mountains. Chelsey, the brainchild of the PreparaCord series, and I were both born and raised in Montana and grew up fishing, hunting, hiking and camping. We have a couple of little troopers who both complicate and add excitement to our lives.


I had been away from the outdoors during most of my college years and my short career in the corporate world. My corporate stint ended when I was laid off in August 2009 due to the economic difficulties. At this point in time I had two realizations: 1) I had really hated my job and wasn't sorry that I lost it and 2) I should really try to do something that I enjoyed.

Because my son loves to go fishing, I started getting out again. Fishing led to hiking and camping, and I started looking into camping equipment that fit my style: that is, well thought out products that make life better somehow.

That's when it hit me: I really love 1) the outdoors and 2) gadgets. It's quite an interesting dichotomy: the rugged, survive-by-your-wits wilderness and the creative contraptions that make life easier. And yet, in looking around, I was able to find dozens of items that bring these two worlds together. They allow you to get out and explore the outdoors like never before; to escape the trappings of our mundane existance; to trek without worry of the unknown. One thing led to another, and I found myself starting a business to bring together the gear that shared these characteristics.

The point of SurvivorGeek.com is to give you tools to make your wilderness excursions easier, so you can go farther, stay longer, worry less, and find the connection between your big, tool-using brain and the rough and tumble expanse of Nature!