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There's two kinds of survival kits.
The first type, the type that everyone should have, will give you effective tools to get through a survival situation. That's the kind of gear we have at SurvivorGeek. All of it has been tested and reviewed to ensure quality performance to not only ensure reliability in times of need, but for regular use to make your outdoor recreation more enjoyable.
The other kind of "survival kit" gives you a bag full of inadequate items that may give a (false) sense of preparedness, but will fail you in the end. I refer to this kind of kit the way that I do because it's very much like the "security blanket" of a small child. While the child is convinced that such a blanket will ward off monsters and nightmares, it wouldn't actually be as useful as the child imagines it to be. Fortunately for the child, it doesn't need to be. ;)
However, with "security blanket" kits, you are lulled into a much more dangerous sense of security. They give you a feeling of comfort, but when they're called upon to perform in a real situation, they will fall short. People rely on them to their detriment and come away feeling disappointed, if they come away at all.
During my scouting years, I had several experiences like this. The first was when I bought a "survival knife", which had a big serrated blade, a compass, and a hollow handle filled with all sorts of cool looking gadgets. Needless to say, to a young boy it was very impressive, especially at such a good price. However, as I used it on various campouts, my first impression of the knife quickly died. The blade came loose from the handle; the sharpening stone ruined the edge on the blade; the wire saw snapped in half after the first few minutes of use; and the compass only worked for a short while. Had the need arisen to use this knife to survive outdoors, I'm pretty sure I would have died. It was completely unreliable.
The kind of equipment and techniques that we feature on SurvivorGeek are the most innovative and effective that we could find. There are no gimmicks, no cheap tools, no items that will fall apart after one use. We don't put anything on our site that we haven't tested or seen tested to our satisfaction. This is how we can provide you with the most innovative, effective, portable, and affordable solutions for your outdoor recreation and emergencies.