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Pike Trail Pocket Blanket – Survival Gear for your Wocket!

Ultralight hikers, take note! This handy little blanket has been designed with you in mind!It fits in your pocket!


What is the Pike Trail Pocket Blanket? Well, at first it seems pretty self explanatory. It’s an outdoor blanket that packs down really small. If that was all there was too it, it would be that impressive. But the people at Pike Trail have put a lot of thought into making this the best compact, ultralight blanket out there. Let’s take a look:


The Pocket Blanket folds down to fit in a mini-sized pouch, easily packed along wherever you go. It unfolds into a surprisingly good sized blanket 56” wide and 60” long (or the other way around, depending on how you’re holding it). There’s plenty of room to make a dry place to sit on for a small crew, to shelter you from the rain, or to make a large solar still if you’re lost in the desert.


Keeps the wet off of your rump!All this is possible because the Pocket Blanket is 100% waterproof. Made from durable (and presumably, treated) ripstop nylon, the Pocket Blanket can be used to keep your butt dry, your head dry, or fill your pot with water. They’ve also designed it so you can keep it where you want it, by either putting sand or rocks in the corner pockets, by staking it down through the corner loops or by attaching some cordage through the loops.


Now, the term “blanket” might be a bit of a misnomer; there’s certainly not a lot of insulator value in this little piece of kit (I probably would have called it a “tarp”, but that doesn’t seem to denote the same feeling: a pocket tarp?). But it can keep the wet and wind out, so it’s certainly better than nothing when it comes to staying warm. A larger guy (like myself) may find it a bit small to sleep under, but in a pinch, you could rig up a shelter and make it through the night.


While definitely on the minimalist side of hiking gear, the Pocket Blanket is a great addition for a hiker that’s not expecting any trouble, but that could use a little back up, just in case.



Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the Pike Trail Pocket Blanket for free from Pike Trail as coordinated by Deep Creek PR an Outdoor Industry Public Relations Company in consideration for review publication.