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Scrubba Wash Bag - Coming Clean!

I’m always on the lookout for innovative ideas. The Scrubba wash bag is a simple design, yet surprisingly effective.

The Scrubba wash bag is a sealable bag with a few features that allow it to be used to wash clothes: first, it’s water/air tight; second, it has a stiff backing on one side with raised bumps that acts as a scrubbing board; and third, it has an air vent to let out excess air so you can really work the clothing in the water. As a side bonus, it has a clear panel that allows you to see the clothes inside, which is helpful when you want to focus on a garment that really needs to be scrubbed.

All loaded upVenting the air

The instructions are pretty simple and printed right on the bag, albeit in graphics instead of words (which is probably a good idea if you’re going for an international crowd). Simply put, you fill the bag to the appropriate line with water, clothes and detergent, seal the bag, squeeze out excess air, and scrub the clothes against the scrubbing board for 30 to 180 seconds (1/2 to 3 minutes). Then dump out the dirty water, refill with clean water for a rinse scrub, and then you can hang up your clothes to dry.

One (minor) issue is that the instructions don’t indicate the amount of detergent to put in with the clothes. After looking around on their website, the closest thing I could find to a solid measurement was “a dollop.” Unfortunately, my inability to visualize a “dollop” of anything not only prevents me from being a fabulous chef, but also kept me questioning the amount of soap I should put in my laundry.

For my trial of this washing system, I tried washing my son's baseball uniform.  I thought the grass and dirt stains would be a good test for the effectiveness of the Scrubba.  Normally we would scrub these stains by hand before putting them in the regular washing machine, but I wanted to see how the Scrubba worked with them.  Afterwards, the clothes looked like they had just gone through a regular cycle in the washing machine.  Because we hadn't hand-scrubbed the grass stains, they were still there, although definitely fainter than before; but it was no worse than putting the uniform through the regular was without hand-scrubbing before hand.

 Before the washAfter the wash

I can definitely see the benefit to having a Scrubba wash bag on a long excursion. I like to pack light, so I can hike faster and farther, but after a week on a long hike in the same clothes, it feels nice to pull on some clean ones. Having a way to wash your clothes to get that refreshing feeling during an outing would be a treat. However, is it worth the extra weight?

After considering the matter, it occurred to me that the Scrubba wash bag is basically a dry bag with an air vent and a scrubbing board inside. Meaning, that if you’re going to be carrying a dry bag anyway (as I always do), then the Scrubba can do double-duty and replace the standard dry bag. So, to recap: added functionality, with no net weight gain!


Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the Scrubba Bag for free from EarthEasy.com as coordinated by Deep Creek PR an Outdoor Industry Public Relations Company in consideration for review publication.