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SIX Nutrition - Vitamins for Men

In this review, I'm going to be discussing SIX Nutrition (also called SIX for Men), a vitamin and supplement pack that is designed specifically for mens' health.

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You might be wondering why I would be reviewing a multivitamin on a survival website. Well, let me explain. No, there is too much; let me sum up. We all know that having the right tools can make a huge difference in an emergency, and can even change a crisis into an inconvenience.

If you’re relying on a tool, you want it to be well-maintained. You want your tool to be effective, reliable, and durable. Most importantly, you want a tool that will be there when you need it.

Your body and your mind can be the best tools you can have. But in order to use them, they need to be maintained, they need to be “honed”. You need to take the best care of them before you need them, so you can rely on them when the time comes.

Part of this maintenance is getting the right nutrition. And while getting the right nutrition can be done with proper diet, taking a supplement can make the process easier, just like going to the gym or having exercise equipment can help with regular and proper exercise. Having properly formulated supplements can help achieve peak physical and mental health by providing your body with the materials it needs to improve.

That’s why I tested SIX Nutrition for a month; to see if it might have some value in preparing my body and/or mind for a survival situation.


SIX for Men claims to have developed the “only daily vitamin pack that has the SIX key benefits that every active guy age 25-55 needs.” These six key benefits are listed as: Muscles, Energy, Joint, Heart, Sex, and Mind.

In addition to having a pretty complete list of vitamins, SIX Nutrition also includes many supplemental items that are reputed to have benefits to the six areas supported by SIX Nutrition. These include lycopene (which preliminary research indicates may reduce cancer risks), saw palmetto, pumpkin seed powder and pygeum africanum (for prostate health), and a blend of probiotic bacteria (which are known to support a healthy digestive system).

SIX Nutrition for Men Pouch contents

I especially like the idea of promoting gastrointestinal health, because I think of it as a “gateway” to health and happiness. Why do I feel this way? Okay, consider this: societies back to ancient times have emphasized respect for their elders, due to the fact that the older generation had more life experience, and therefore some hard-earned wisdom. Nowadays, we mock our elders for always complaining about their bowel movements. By looking at these two ideas side by side, it begs the question, why are the wisest amongst us so concerned with their digestive health, more so than other aspects of health? Obviously, in their hard-earned experience, having a smoothly running gastrointestinal system is one of the most valuable aspects of life! So, taking this wisdom of the elders, why wouldn’t the younger generation focus on making sure they properly maintain this most valuable system? I rest my case.

There are some ingredients listed that some might wonder about. For instance, I’m sure I’ve read that Glucosamine, which is commonly used to provide a benefit to the joints, was studied and shown not to have the claimed benefits. On the other hand, there have been studies that show that Glucosamine is beneficial. So which one is right? I have no idea. It could be that one study or the other has some flaws. It could be that one is misrepresenting the data. Or it could be that both studies are “right”; for instance, it could be that Glucosamine only works if it’s taken with another substance, kind of like the fact that Calcium isn’t absorbed without Vitamin D. The bottom line is that it’s just not a clear answer, so my feeling is, unless you’re experiencing harmful side effects, why not?

I have taken multivitamins in the past that just didn’t feel like they had any benefit. I’ve taken others that were not well balanced, and actually led to some physical problems. I don’t know that using SIX Nutrition for only a month can fully demonstrate how effective it is, but I can say that I feel pretty good, with plenty of vim and vigor, and clear mindedness. During the past month, I have seen an improvement in several of the key aspects that SIX Nutrition intends to address. While there’s no way to tell for sure if all that is a result of taking SIX Nutrition for Men, I feel confident enough to keep using it, and to encourage others to give it a try, as well.

To order SIX for Men, you can visit their website here: http://www.sixnutrition.com/sixstore/

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received a months supply of SIX Nutrition for Men for free from SIX Nutrition as coordinated by Deep Creek PR an Outdoor Retailer Public Relations Company in consideration for review publication.