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SurvivorGeek's Eight Great Gifts for the Outdoorsman

Who doesn't love gifts that are fun and useful?! And better yet, these items could save a life!  Here are some gift suggestions for the Outdoorsman (or woman) you know...


Can you see the advantage to creating a thousand showers of sparks--one handed? A Blast Match is the ultimate fire starting tool —$20.95


Cold Steel’s Big Bore Blow Gun serves as a walking stick, defense weapon, fire pipe, and hunting tool…Smart to have around, and so much fun! – $31.95  


The S.O.L. Escape Bivvy is durable and breathable, it’s a mere 8.5oz. Use it for an ultralight summer sleeping bag or carry it just in case you need to stay an unexpected night in the woods. --$39.99


The RIBZ front pack is the perfect way to carry more gear without breaking your back. Use it to hold your survival kit or anything else you want close at hand.—$54.95


SurvivorGeek’s PREPARACORD Survival Belt is made from 550 Parachute line and designed to come apart in seconds. No matter where you go you’ll have some cord on hand…or rather, around your waist!--$27.95



Who can have too many knives? The Cold Steel MicroTac Beavertail is an excellent addition to your collection. Small enough to wear comfortably around your neck, but sturdy and sharp enough to field dress a deer. --$34.95


The Seychelle Inline Water Filter is a simple way to stay hydrated in the wild. Snap it on your camel pack and it can filter up to 100 gallons of water --$24.95


Never get caught without fuel, take along your Vital Survival Stove. It uses any dry, solid biological material to produce up to 20,000 BTUs of heat. --$64.95


Additional Stocking stuffers under $10:


The “Don’t Die out there Deck” playing cards

PreparaCord Wristband with Emergency Whistle

A “First-Aid Response” or “How to Tie Knots” Bandana

Wetfire tinder and Stormproof matches

Ultralight Hygene kit

YoYo automatic fishing reels

Silver Soft, sanitizer and first aid foam

 Light my Fire Mini-Firesteel