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The ReelSonar Multi-tool Pliers - Helping to keep you from getting hooked!

Sheath and lanyardI’m not a great fisherman.  However, that excuse hasn’t been enough to stop anybody before, so I keep trying; I just try and find better tools to make up for my deficiencies!  The ReelSonar Multi-tool Pliers looked like just the thing I needed to up my game.

First of all, let’s discuss the sheath and lanyard.  I’m surprised these are not more common with fishing tools, as it is not only just common sense to have your tools easily at hand, but also to have ways to keep them from being lost over the side of a boat!  Suffice it to say, these seem like two really essential components for a tool that you’d always want with you.

Close up of pliersThe pliers are quite long which allow easier extraction of hooks and are spring-loaded, which makes them easier to use one-handed.  (They also have a latch that keeps them from popping open at an inopportune time.)  I tested it on a length of paracord and it cut through pretty easily.  Braided (not to mention monofilament!) fishing line doesn’t stand a chance.  The pliers also have an integrated leader crimper and serrated line cutter, which can even cut braided line with ease.  One complaint that I do have, is that the handle material is a little slick, especially considering that the user will most likely have hands covered with water and/or fish slime.

The handles each have a tool that folds out for further functionality.  The one has a small serrated knife which, of course, has tons of uses.  While the serrations will make the knife harder to sharpen, it increases the cutting edge which increases the time between sharpening.  The other tool is a file, which is very useful for sharpening up your hooks so you don’t lose that lunker that you’ve worked so hard to find. 

Extra tools in the handleWhile ReelSonar could probably have tried to cram in more tools into these pliers, they seem to have been satisfied with the simplicity of the product.  This tool gives you the tools you need, where you need them and not cluttering up your kit with excess fluff. 

After I add a little bit more of a grip to the handle, this little puppy will be a great companion on my fruitless forays to find fish.






Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the Multi-tool Pliers for free from ReelSonar as coordinated by Deep Creek PR an Outdoor Industry Public Relations Company in consideration for review publication.